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YTJ four-in-one bottling machine

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  It is a multi tasking machine,which combines washing,nitrogen purging,filling and capping in a single machine.

  The components of machine that are in direct-contact with bottled juice and peripheral equipment are made of stainless steel.Screw localizer,drive plate and guiding board are made from macromolecule polymer material,which is acid and alkali-resistant and offers a self-lubricating function,YTJ four-in-one bottling machine sets PLC full-automatic and manual adjustment function.The automatic control device installs many kinds of sensor switches which control the operation and adjust runing speed effectively,according to the overall condition during the botling process.The safety monitoring system,which is mounted in the automatic control device,can stop machine running and avoid bottle breaking and juice spilling,when the machine is out of order.

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