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TPZL Armagnac distillating set

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Technical parameters
Type Volume(L) Weight(kg) Auto-cleaning
TPZL50 500 280 optional
TPZL2100 3500 2200
NOTE manual operation,semi-operation or complete auto-operation


  Armagnac distillation set is the oldest and most traditional distillation equipment in France.Wine in the Armagnac distillaging set can be distilled continuously.

  After utilizing the continuous distillation once in TPZL Armagnac distillaging set under lower tempetaure,Armagnac distilled spirit with 52-60% alcohol content can be obtained.And the spirit distilled in the set has a richer aroma.

  The distiller,distilling tower that are in ditect contact with steam of alcohol are made of brushed copper material,the rest of the parts are made of stainless steel.


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