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ZP juice residue distillating set

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Technical parameters
Type ZP800 ZP1000 ZP1500
Volume(L) 800L 1000L 1500L
Heating metod direct steam heating
Controlling method manual(semi-or complete auto controlling)
Weight 880Kg 1060Kg 1380Kg

  ZP juice residue distillating set adopts batch feeding,direct steam heating disillation methods to distill alcohol from fermented grape residue or other fruit residue.The machine can set technical parameters manually or automaticlly,which can distill high quality alcohol with full fruit flavors.

  The form of structure:ZP juice residue distillating set includes three to five parts,such as distiller,cooler,manual or automatic parts etc.The components are made of brushed copper and stainless steel.ZP juice residue distillaging set offers optional blending devices,which can make the temperature fields more even,and increase distilling efficiency,making residue discharge easy.


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